Getting to us

Attending a new place can be a little scary – where do I park? How do I get there? What does it look like? What will it be like inside? Will people look at me when I walk in?

At The Huddle I am to make it as easy, welcoming and least scary as possible. I offer a quick video chat before you attend if that helps, or you can arrange to come in a little early so you don’t have to walk in to a room with people in.

Below I have given information on the closest car park and a free car park, also what the walk from there looks like. I hope this helps. There are a number of car parks in Yeovil centre.

Our groups are small and intimate with between 6-8 families a session. The sessions are not structured, so there is no sitting and having to follow instructions and making your little one take part in set activities. Our sessions are hosted which means I will chat and get conversations started and answer questions are they arise throughout the session. Our focus it to support you in your parenting journey and ensure you are able to parent in a way that is best for you and your little one. No judgement, just evidenced based information.

There are always a range of open ended, quality sensory and play resources for you and your little one to engage with as and when they want to. Your little ones needs are super important and I know they will be different at different times for every children and every sessions. Which means your little one can feed, sleep, have a nappy change or play with no pressure.

All our group bookings include space for 2 adults – which means you can bring a partner or supporting adult with you if you prefer. ** please note that this only applies to additional adults, if they have children who will be attending they will need to have a separate booking.

Where to park & How you get to us from there.

Quedam Car Park is the closest car park. It takes card payments as well as cash (on the basement level only for cash). You pay when leaving. Or you can pay via the parking app.

There are child and parent spaces on the first floor or go to the roof where there are plenty of spaces usually.

Walking from car park to The Huddl

Where to park & How you get to us from there.

Tesco Extra offers free parking for 2.5hours for customers. It is a little further to walk.

Walking from car park to The Huddle

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