Keep Warm at The Huddle

A family focused warm bank! A warm and friendly space to attend, whether you are pregnant, have/care for children upto 7yrs this warm bank is for you to attend with or without your family. Huddling at The Huddle!

Those with children under school age have no choice but to turn their heating on 7 days a week! They are generally home most days, especially when the weather is colder and popping out for walks and days out become less. The financial pressures are huge, many families struggle with the cost of childcare so with work and earn very little after you take that cost into account, or have no choice but to give up work. When living costs increased as they have many families have not been able to attend as many groups and classes as they would have previously. This causes isolation, affects mental well being and even delays in children’s development.

Warm Banks provide a safe space for people to spend time in to keep warm and save the need to heat their own homes for parts of the week. There are a number of amazing spaces opening up for those that need it. However many parents expressed their reluctance at attending such spaces due to feeling vulnerable or fear over not being child friendly.

At The Huddle we hear you! We see you! and we are here for you! We have been fundraising to be able to offer a Family Warm Bank especially for parents/carers of young children!

During January and February we will be opening our family support space to you for free! Keep warm, let little ones play, chat, access support, grab a hot drink. We will be open Mon, Wed & Thu 12.30-2.30 (further times may be added depending on funding). Bring a friend, grandparent or other relative, or come alone. We are an accessible and inclusive space.

We are running a fundraiser on the 10th December

Wills, Haydn and Josh will be on spin bikes for 12 hours, whilst dressed as Elves! They will cycle about 250km each and burning around 5000 calories! you can sponsor them here

This idea would have stayed at just that if it wasn’t for Super Kids Therapy! They jumped on the idea, made me believe it was a possibility. A very big thank you for sponsoring our Warm Bank and making it happen! To all those who have donated and continue to donate to this project, we are hugely grateful! The more we raisem, the more we can offer!

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