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When I started The Huddle, I never expected for the community to grow and form as it has.

I have seen friendships form and grow. Supporting each other and supporting The Huddle. Throughout the last two years the support I have offered has been a mixture of online and in person. The ability to share links and resources for you to browse when you have time is really important in supporting you to make informed decisions.

I have, until now, been using the usual social media platforms to communicate with members. However I have found them increasingly glitchy, impossible to find what I want and not inclusive to many parents who have moved away from the toxic environment of social media.

Have a little bit of The Huddle in your pocket at all time….

So I have searched and explored and finally found a platform I feel respects privacy, respects me as the content creature, as well as giving me the opportunity to deliver the support and information that I want.

Our Mighty Network is just like the social media groups you are used to. I can share and do videos, share links, photos, topics, polls and so many other things. You can access it on your computer/laptop or via an app on your phone. You can choose to get notifications for everything, some things, via email or just as icons on your app. You are in total control! No ads, no pushy sales posts, no need to scroll, no pushy negative posts from people you don’t want to know about…

You will get…access to information videos I have already created and ones I am creating and will add over time. Access to information articles, links and photos. Support ranges from feeding (breastfeeding, bottlefeeding, introducing solids), Slings (follow up videos, tips, tricks, and advice), Cloth nappies, parent support, behvaiour support, play and learning support….Including a range of other professionals in the group. You also get – priority booking, discounts, offers and exclusive events….

How do I sign up you ask….Register here it is £2 a month
which covers the cost of running the app.

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