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The Huddle was set up, created and run by me Kizzy. It is located in Yeovil’s Quedam Shopping Center, with good road and public transport links. My heart is in parent support and play. I have absolutely loved the journey I have been on to grow and develop The Huddle.

The Huddle is run as not for profit – the sales in the shop fund the support groups for parents and their little ones. I have invested every penny back into The Huddle to help keep it running.

The shop, which sells a range of hand picked brands of toys and accessories, needs more love and time spent on it, so every customer who comes in, no matter whether there is a group on or not, gets the welcome they deserve.

What am I looking for!

Unfortunately I have learnt I can not do it all myself! I would love an extra pair of hands to help me. The role is a volunteer position, part time and flexible.

Have you had a little one who has gone to school/nursery/preschool? Would you like to return to the workforce but have no idea what you would like to do? Are you struggling getting into the workforce because you have an employment gap and no references?

This position may be perfect for you! I am looking for awesome parents with their awesome parenting skills – time management, multi tasking, empathy, understanding and appreciation for adult conversation and a baby smile.

As a business all about supporting families and parents, I would like the applicants to be parents. To have someone who understands the life changes, challenges and phases of parenthood is important to me. This includes step parents, those who adopted and none birthing parents.

I can offer flexibility (in hours and days) and understanding – because we are all parents first! On the job training of the till system and product knowledge and information. This is a voluntary roll, parking will be covered. A minimum voluntary agreement of 3 months is required, ideally min of 3 hours in one shift.

The Huddle is an actively inclusive business. We welcome applications from parents regardless of their parenting journey, gender, disability, religion, skin colour and as for your personal relationships (it’s none of my business – LGBTQ+ applicants welcome).

Register you interest

So where do you sign up I hear you ask…. Pop your info into this form and I will get back to you!

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