Tots, Tunes and Traditions

The Covid19 pandemic has kept our little ones and older generations apart for over a year! Missing out on much needed love, connection and shared experiences that all generations benefit from when together.

South West Bumps & Beyond C.I.C have joined up with Same Difference Dance to offer a one off Intergeneration Music session. Bringing together generations to enjoy music together. Improving well-being, communication, language, motor skills and fill us with some musical happiness.


Thursday 8th July 10am and 12.30pm for an hour.

Who is running it?

South West Bumps & Beyond C.I.C are hosting the session at The Huddle in Yeovil’s Quedam Centre. At The Huddle we focus on supporting parents and their little ones, with knowledge about early child development, Early Years Education and parent support.

 Same Difference Dance gets people with and without disabilities to do amazing things with music. Working in care homes, day centres and schools. Movement is adapted so accessible to those seated and singing amplified by the use of Makaton.

Who is it for?

The sessions are aimed at a ‘bubble’ or ‘unit’ so that you can sit together. Parent, Child (aged 2-4years), a grandparent, elderly relative, neighbour (aimed at those over 65years).

What will happen?

There will be songs and music that both generations will enjoy and able to take part in. The session is suitable for all abilities. Use of instruments, voices, movement, Makaton. Most of all an engaging, relaxed, fun way to spend time together.

How much will it cost? Where will our money go?

£2.50 for the session.

This is a pilot session. Both Elizabeth and Kizzy are donating their time and resources for free towards this session. Why? Because we know the importance of relationships with our children and older generations. They lift each-other up, they improve each-others well-being, view on life, memories and know it has been missed greatly this last year! Shared experiences are so important and special. Covid has taken those precious moments away from many and we want to help provide those opportunities again.

The money raised by running the session will go towards promotion and refreshments for future events.

How do I sign up?!

Add your name to our priority booking list! This expresses your interest is not confirmation of booking. When full details and booking is open you will be contacted.

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