Introducing our official Community Interest Company!

We did it! Sarah and Kizzy have created a community interest company “South West Bumps & Beyond C.I.C”. This means we are now a registered not for profit company and will enable us to access funding so that we can continue to support families across the South West.

How did we get here? and why?

Sarah and I worked together on The new and expectant parent events South West Bumps & Beyond held in 2019 & early 2020. Then the pandemic hit. We both took to social media to create supportive communities for parents for the challenging time that has been the Covid19 Pandemic. We both have given lots of our free time to helping those we usually serve in our businesses. Sarah is a newborn and family photographer at Angle Eyes Photography. Kizzy is a carrying & parenting consultant at Babywearing South West. We were due to host a pop-up shop in The Quedam, Yeovil Easter 2020. Showcasing local businesses, taster sessions, support groups and stay & play sessions. Unfortunately due to the pandemic this wasn’t possible. By June 2020 parents were becoming desperate for face to face support. So when the opportunity came to open the pop up shop in the Quedam once non essential retail reopened Kizzy jumped at the opportunity.

This is when The Huddle was created. A one stop shop for parent support. Supporting families as well as those independent businesses struggling with government restrictions and finding venues. Through out the pandemic form June 2020 The Huddle has offered free infant feeding peer support 5 days a week, free or low cost parent support groups for all ages as well as providing a space for small businesses to sell their products. It has been amazing! The support of locals and families has been beyond what was ever expected. Unfortunately the long term viability of The Huddle was a concern. Kizzy has not taken a wage throughout the 9 months the space has been open, every penny made has gone back into the support space, toys, furniture, cleaning products and bills.

Becoming a C.I.C will enable us to access reductions and grants which we couldn’t before. But a partner was needed. Someone to talk through ideas, plans and make business decisions. Kizzy & Sarah have worked together more and more. Throughout the last year they have supported each others businesses, talked through the challenges of the last year, bisected the government guidelines and safe working check lists as well as being a great emotional support personally. We both have the same vision for the company – supporting parents is what we do and love.

What will it mean?

Nothing changes for the families we supported or continue to support. Groups, events and workshops will continue at The Huddle and booking will continue through the booking site. You will notice little differences, such as emails, bookings and communication regarding C.I.C related projects will have the South West Bumps & Beyond C.I.C name and company number on. All the profits will be put back into the company or shared with chosen charities.

The Huddle is the location of the shop and family support space. The Huddle is not part of the C.I.C, profits made in the shop do not come under the C.I.C. The Huddle will however continue to support the groups, support space and provides the toys, furniture and space using the profits made in the shop. We were unable to turn the whole of The Huddle into a C.I.C as we have received covid grants and used those to create the space. Babywearing South West will also continue to be located in The Huddle.

Kizzy will continue to run groups, workshops and events. With the hope through funding and various plans some of her time may be paid for. The space will continue to be used for an support other local pregnancy, birth and baby & toddler groups.

Our plans are to offer a range of parent support opportunities both in Yeovil at The Huddle and in other locations across the South West. We want to continue supporting parents, parents to be in an inclusive, respectful and judgment free way.

We are super excited of what the future brings for South West Bumps & Beyond C.I.C. As always we appreciate your support and always welcome suggestions.

See you soon

Kizzy & Sarah

Directors of South West Bumps & Beyond C.I.C

Company number 13286838

registered address 1 High Street, Stogursery, TA5 1TD

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