Story Time

During these Covid times we are all missing being able to see others, popping along to groups and going to the library. Throughout this winter lockdown I am sharing, with permission, some wonderful stories online live on Facebook and Instagram.

A huge thank you to all the authors and publishers for their support and enabling me to share their wonderful stories with you all. The publishers who have supported me on this project are Fi and Books, thank you for putting me in touch with all your wonderful authors, and Hubble and Hattie , thank you for donating a selection of books to The Huddle.

Come Explore with Me

by Ruth & Karl Bradford.

This beautiful story takes you on a journey across countries and places featured in their board books and flashcards. Black and White images, rhyming all whilst supporting wildlife charities.


Kaiholo The Whale

by Laura Hyde & George Hudson.

This musical tale has been written alongside the most stunning music. This is a story perfect for cozy calming bedtime story reading. The illustrations are pieces of art in their own right. The story is soothing to read with a lovely flow.


The Wandering Wildebeest

by Martin Coleman & Tim Slater

This rhyming book is full of bright pictures and giggles. Wildebeest driving cars and a young buffalo with a bright idea. Aimed at 3-8 year olds.


Me and My Cystic Fibrosis.

A little girl on a big journey. By Molly-Rose Ayling

This is an inspiring and informative story written by a 7 year old. A book providing an insight into what it is like for a school child living with CF. Whilst also informing the reader about what CF is. This is a great book for talking points and start conversations about how differences people may have.


Our Dave

by Emma Woodthorpe

A cat left behind by his owners journey to finding his forever home. Read Dave’s story, from loneliness to scared, from worried and unsure to happy and settled. A story with rhyme and beautiful illustrations.


The Naughty Little Cough

by Helen Hasler & Bells Scambler

Explaining Covid19 to children in a way that doesn’t add to worry is something we are all trying to work out how to do. This is a story of street full of animals and their journey when a naughty cough visited their street. In this funny, rhyming picture book children learn to understand the reasoning behind lockdown.

Coming soon…

Stop Max! and Go Lucy Go!

by Den Keanie and Terry Castellani

A book to support you and your little one develop skills to understand and manage their emotions. Using Rat characters the stories support you in applying the new found skills.

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