Gift Guide for Toddlers

Finding that perfect gift for a toddler!

These gift ideas are suitable from 9months to approximately to 18 months/2 years. With the idea that these gifts will grow with your little one and will get a good use out of the toys way past 18 months. I believe in toys and gifts that have lots of play opportunities and support development and interest as they grow. All without breaking the bank.

Nesting Dolls – Endless play opportunities

The Rosa and Bo nesting dolls are one of my favourite versatile toys. They are fun to stack inside each other, learning about size order, colours, also due to their design they are great scoops to play with in sand, water and for messy play. They are easy to clean, store and beautifully designed.

Music – The heart of a toddler

When I think of toddlers I think of mini scientists and musicians. They want to explore how everything works and sound is a great way to learn cause and affect, as well create those giggly moments.

Beehive toys have a range of musical toys which support they growth and development of your little one. The Musical activity center comes with wire bead run to support hand eye coordination, they puzzles on the side offer puzzles, things to twist and turn supporting motor skills, all whilst being able to make music too!

The super happy lion xylophone is a great toy which will last years! Use it to learn colours, cause and affect, hand eye coordination, motor skills and musical exploration. If you would prefer something more musical then the magic piano is for you. It is aimed at slightly older little ones, with music sheets to follow with numbers and colours, however in my experience children from 12 months love a piano, the magic of touching a key and it making a noise, watching the lights flash allows for lots of entertainment.

Motor skills & Puzzles

Stacking, building, knocking over, shape sorters and developing speech. Puzzles and blocks support your little ones in many ways. The zoo-lacing and building blocks are a wonderful set for any toddler. Making up a range of zoo animals with the building blocks, developing hand eye coordination and fine motor skills by doing threading using the wooden threads, perfect for little hands.

The animal puzzle cubes are great for stacking as well as making up the puzzles to reveal the Beehive animals. Why not build a tower and use a bean bag or soft ball to see if they can knock the tower over. Great use of toys to extend those playchemas.

The wooden Noah’s Ark is not just an ark! It can be a pull along vehicle, animal shape sorter, bead and wire puzzles and an Ark. It comes with 2 of each animal and 2 people as well as a little ramp.

If you have a vehicle loving child this lorry loader is a great one. The magnetic crane part links to the container on the back of the lorry. Magnetic play is lots of fun. Can they find anything else to attach to the loader? Or why not try out the wonderful Pull along Train. The carriages are linked together via magnets, a range of activity parts attached, plenty to keep those little hands busy. This is by far the most popular toy in our store at the moment.

Ride on Toys – Toddlers on the go!

Ride on toys support your little ones gross and fine motor skills through strengthening their core and leg strength, helping with balance, stability and steering. Whether your little one is cruising or a confident walker Beehive toys has you covered. The bus, police car and fire engines are less than £30 and have that important storage compartment for all those important toys. The balance bugs have soft padded seats, and allow for 360 rotation and suitable for upto 3year olds. It comes in a bumblebee or ladybug at are £39.99 The Giraffe and Zebra balance bike, £39.59, is super cute and lightweight, easy to move and ride for little ones. The saddle and handlebars are cushioned, the 3 wheels make it stable enough for pre-walkers.

The 3 in 1 scooter is a ride on that will take you to 5 years old! The first stage allows the user to sit on the case, with a handy parent handle to push along your little one. Stage 2 it becomes a push along ride on, also coming with a handy storage compartment, stage 3 the compartment comes off and becomes a 3 wheeler scooter. At £43 this is great value for money!

Too many toys already?

Why not snap up some of the Playhooray PlayPrompts. 100 activities that you can do with your little one with things round the house! The activities are designed by an experienced teacher who has a passion for play. Her activities are fun, simple to set up and don’t cost the earth yet all support your child’s development and learning through play.

Still not too sure exactly what to get? Nothing catching your eye? Why not pop us a message and arrange for a private video tour and personalised shopping experience, or alternatively pop into the shop and we can help you in person. Sometimes seeing the items in the flesh can help really pick the perfect gift!

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