Toddlers 12 Rules of Christmas


1: Convince parents that you want that gift which comes flat packed! That way mummy and daddy will have to be up late on xmas eve
building said gift, but without waking the toddler!

2: Wake up and insist on it being play time just as they come to bed, after building the flat pack gift. Also make sure that once you do fall asleep that you don’t wake until later than normal, so as to keep the over excited parents , who despite exhausted woke early, waiting a little longer.

3: Refuse to wear cute xmas outfit and insist on wearing mismatch pjs – all day so as to ruin all photos.

4: When presented with beautifully wrapped gifts – discard toys and play with the box.

5: Forget all the manners your parents ever taught you! What else would the visiting relatives have to talk about.

6: Attempt beating world record of how many tantrums you can have in 12 hours.

7: If mummy says no – ask granny

8: Make sure xmas decorations are rearranged at every opportunity to avoid boredom with current arrangement. 

9: If you have taken things a little too far – activate toddler cuteness with a smile and a slight head tilt.

10: Refuse to eat whatever food they put in front of you , unless it contains sugar.

11: Liven up dinner time by throwing peas like confetti and getting in target practise using roast potatoes. 

12: Fall asleep in the most angelic position possible – this will ensure your parents will forget all you have done today

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